We added short English-Kyrgyz phrase book to Information page.

Kyrgyzstan has two official languages: Kyrgyz and Russian. The Kyrgyz language is spoken by more than 4 million people in Kyrgyz Rupublic. Any attemp by a foreinger to speak Kyrgyz will be greatly  appreciated. Kyrgyz is written using an adapted Cyrillic script similar to Russian. Meanwhile, most people can speak Russian. English is widely spoken by those involved in tourism. 
In fact English is spoken by many people in cities: in stores, in banks, in hotels, etc.
During your trip you will visit vilages and meet with shepherd's families somewhere in the mountains. Knowledge of some kyrgyz words makes your communicate with local people more easy. 
We tried to gather some common words and phrases in Kyrgyz Language. 

English-Kyrgyz phrase book.