Cycling in Kyrgyzstan is not easy but very impressively.

Cycling in Kyrgyzstan is not easy but very impressively.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country situated among mountains and valleys of the North Tien Shan range. It is a small country, and over 90% of the surface area is covered by spectacular mountains. Traveling through Kyrgyzstan you will find a variety of landscapes from the desert to the highest mountain glaciers, fast rivers and deep forests.  You will acquaintance with nomads life and culture of Kyrgyzys.

Using bicycle you get a great chance to discover and explore the beauty of nature for 100 percent!
You should know that cycling along a flat road and mountain biking are two different activities. Mountain cycling requires a cyclist in good shape, cycling experience and bicycle repair skills.

The cyclist should be ready for a sudden change in altitude and air temperature. Long climb to the passes, rivers crossing, cross country cycling will wait for you during your extreme cycling in Kyrgyzstan.   

The load on a bicycle when riding in the mountains is much higher than when riding on an asphalt road. During the trip you will be far from cities and towns. Here you will need skills in the maintenance and repair of a bicycle.

But all of the above is negligible compared to the opportunities that open to the cyclist in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. You will pass where the car will not pass, you can feel the colors of nature as clearly as possible, you will be free to move and choose a route.