1. Manas International Airport.

To get local currency - Som - you can use exchange offices and bank branches on the first floor of Airport Manas. You will need Som to pay for GSM SIM card and to pay for taxi or "marshrutka".

If you need to call during your travel in Kyrgyzstan you can buy a local GSM Sim card for about 2 dollars with passport registration. You can charge units to your sim according to your needs; either in a public automat (in shops and public places in Bishkek) or in a kiosk in any town or village. There are 3 major telecom providers with nationwide coverage - O, MegaCom and Beeline - (except remote mountain areas far from roads or villages). The country code is +996 (city/area/mobile network code) (phone number).

International Airport Manas is situated in 25 minutes by car from the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek city. If you come during the day (7:30am-6pm), you can take the public transport and save a bunch of money! They call their buses "marshrutka" and they’re basically vans that act like buses. You flag them down at bus stops and get on and off like a normal bus, buts its just a large van. From the airport, exit the terminal and cross the small parking lot to the main road. The terminal is very small. Look for the bus stop and try to find #380. It will list the number in the front of the window. It may be waiting there already until it fills up or you may have to wait a little bit for it to come. Many flights arrive at night leaving a taxi as the only option. A taxi should cost 600 som. The only one official taxi service in Airport if "Taxi Manas". You will see cars with special marks on it - "Taxi Manas". But there are a lot of private drivers in Airport. Strongly recommended do not use their service.

2. Bishkek. Hotels and hostels.

If you still do not have any ideas about hotel or hostel in Bishkek, we will recommend you some hostels which is situated not far from our office: "Tunduk" hostel - (5-10 minutes from our office), "Green Hostel" - not far from our office. Anyway please find and book hotel of hostel before arriving in Kyrgyzstan. You can also see our "Accommodation page".