Kyrgyzstan in 1900 year. Unique pictures of North of Kyrgyzstan.

Italian Prince Scipione Borghese in 1900 went on a trip to the Tien-Shan, together with the Swiss Matthias Tsurbriggen and compatriot Jules Brosherel. They crossed the north of present Kyrgyzstan, explored Enilchek valley (near Karakol)  and left a rich heritage of unique pictures.

Three Europeans crossed the modern Chui and Issyk-Kul regions and became one of the first European travelers who carefully documented life in little-known part of the Earth.

They conducted a detailed diary of the journey, and wrote a letter about it to their loved ones, some of which have survived. Here's how Prince Borghese described Issyk Kul Lake in a letter:

"There is a large lake with a huge range of snowy mountains behind it. I have rarely seen more beautiful sight! Just imagine: first go green steppe, then divine blue lake, foothills green stripe again, black forest mountains and all this is topped by a solid white stripe snow-capped peaks and glaciers! "

Here you will find more pictures! 

Nowadays, there is a great opportunity to discover this route by bicycle to get acquainted with the unique Kyrgyz nature and nomadic life.

Kyrgyzstan in 1900 Every evening travellers make notes about last day.

 Camping near Enilchek River.